Star Wars Episode XIII / II: A New Source


A pandemic rages throughout the galaxy. A once mighty entertainment empire is on the brink of collapse.

Its parks, cruises, hotels, and movies are all a victim of pandemic safety measures. The empire is desperate for other sources of revenue.

An unknown man who used to cook on the go might have the necessary ingredients…

Story outline:

Granted, the pandemic premise is not necessarily realistic. However, it is ideal at explaining why cruises, hotels, entertainment parks, and movies are all shut down.

The unknown man realizes one small part of the empire, still under construction, might be its best beacon of hope. A small network-based entertainment service, capable of playing movies on demand for subscribers, is being slowly deployed by the empire.

If only there was a perfect story, something never before told. A story that would be ideal to popularize the on-demand service to a population in dire need of entertainment to get it through a dark hour.

Meshing his own cultural traditions of being of a misunderstood ethnicity in a diaspora, he writes a story about a young convert. The convert grows up with a strong cultural identity, but slanted knowledge of its rich history, growing up in a diaspora where the only ones of his ethnicity he knew were those who raised him.

The convert was raised on a tradition of strict adherence to law and tradition. Most noticably, he does not remove his head covering in public, considering it a sin.

The tradition is not limited to ritual commandments, though. It also covers rules governing behavior, and especially of deep respect for the physical and spiritual health of those who are vulnerable.

Faced with a moral dilemma about an unusual child, the convert does not hesitate. Human contracts are nothing compared to his religious obligations.

Caring for the child, bringing him back to his people, becomes his mission. It is a story of an outcast fighting to do what is right in a world that misunderstands and maligns him.

The story tugs at the heartstrings of all who hear it. The on-demand entertainment service, riding on the back of this story, grows to rival many others.

This story, slowly revealed, shows the way. Many other stories are revealed on on-demand entertainment story.

The entertainment empire is saved. The end.